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Cost Effective Pre-Purchase Structural Inspection Reports - Perth Metro Area

A pre-purchase structural inspection is a small investment that could avoid major expenses later on. 


Since it is common practice to perform a home inspection before purchasing a home, many buyers and sellers are still unsure of what an inspection includes. A quality pre purchase structural inspection will center around a comprehensive overview of the main building and related structures. The building inspection should always include an examination of the following features:   

  • The interior of the building. Some of the checks include assessing for cracks in the walls which may be hidden by wallpaper, checking walls and floors for dampness, confirming ceilings are clear of mould and a check of windows/blinds if they are are in working order;

  • The roof space. Some of the checks will look at the condition of timber members and roof trusses or rafters inside the attic, electrical issues, insulation and signs of water damage;

  • The exterior of the building. Some of the checks involve balconies, verandas, patios, decks, suspended concrete, floors, balustrades, walls, stairs and timber or steel frames;

  • The sub-floor space. Some of the checks involve timber floor supports, ventilation, drainage and damp.

  • The roof exterior. Some of the checks include skylights, guttering, down pipes, tiles, shingles and slates, sheet roofing, gables and roof flashing;

  • Ancillary structures such as sheds, carports, fences and retaining wall.

A typical pre-purchase structural inspection for residential buildings in Perth and throughout Australia must be conducted in accordance with the Australian Standard AS4349.1-2007.


Whilst a close and careful scrutiny of a building is to be conducted, the inspection is visual in nature and does not involve destructive testing or dismantling. 

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