Structural Building Inspections & Cost Effective Pre Purchase Structural Inspection Reports for Perth & South West

Structural Inspection Reports for Perth and the South West

This type of inspection involves the visual assessment of accessible areas of a building to determine the structural adequacy of an existing structure and to identify major defects to the building or structure. We specialise in residential & light commercial buildings, structural construction, inspection, diagnosis & repair, foundation damage, leaning, buckling, bowing, and cracking, chimney inspections & safety concerns, causes and cures for rot, mold, & termites in buildings, sinkholes at building sites, stair and rail fall & trip hazards, & also special inspection methods for modular homes.

Cost effective pre purchase building inspection reports for Perth and the South West

A pre-purchase building inspection for residential buildings conducted in accordance with the Australian Standard AS4349.1-2007. The inspection is visual in nature and does not invoice destructive testing or dismantling. The stuctural building inspection report is a written account of the property’s condition. It will include any significant building defects or problems such as rising damp, movement in the walls (cracking), safety hazards or a faulty roof. It is usually carried out before you exchange sale contracts so you can identify problems which, if left unchecked, could prove costly to repair.

Dilapidation inspections

The purpose of a dilapidation building inspection provides an accurate record of the condition of the existing surrounding buildings and structures.

Forensic engineering & building inspection

This type of inspection involves failure analysis and the evaluation of structural issues with the purpose to ascertain the cause of the failure and determine options to remediate.

Pre purchase new building inspection

For newly built homes, the report details the main issues which you will need to get the builder/developer to fix up the certificates we recommend you ask for to verify the quality of the building work the little irritating things you need to be told about such as badly scratched glass, cracked tiles, sloppy workmanship. 

Cracked house inspection Perth

If you are concerned about cracks in a house we can conduct an inspection to determine the cause and to provide remediation advice. The source of cracking is the primary focus. A house may crack for various reasons and we can advise if the cracks are structural or non-structural.

Roof inspection for attic conversion 

If you decide to create additional storage space in your roof, we can conduct an inspection of the roof frame and advise how the existing structure can be modified. This usually involves a more detailed analysis of the overall building. 

Site inspection and compaction testing

Before constructing a new structures such as a retaining wall, swimming pool, shed or pouring a slab or a foundation, achieving adequate compaction is very important. We can inspect the site preparation and verify the compaction with a Perth Sand Penetrometer (PSP) and issue a compaction test certificate. 

Structural inspection and certification for unauthorised structure (for retrospective approval)

If a particular structure such as a patio, retaining wall or shed has been constructed without the necessary approval from your Perth Local Authority, we can inspect and determine the structural integrity of the structure and provide you with certified engineering documentation so that approval is granted by the Local Authority. If it is determined that remedial work is needed our experienced professional structural engineers can provide advice so that Local Authority requirements are satisfied. 

Retaining wall inspection Perth and South West

If you have an existing retaining wall and you are planning alterations, extensions, new structures or you have concerns regarding the structural adequacy of the retaining wall we can undertake a structural inspection. 

Concrete slab steel reinforcement inspection

This inspection checks the installation of the reinforcement prior to a concrete pour. 

Timber pest inspection and report

The cost of a termite inspection in Perth is very small when compared to the significant damage that termites and other timber pests can produce. Therefore a termite inspection in accordance with AS4349.3 is very important if you are purchasing a home. We can assist with a timber pest inspection report to ensure that the property is not infested by termites or other timber pests. All inspections are undertaken by a qualified inspector with pest control operator’s licence and registered in Western Australia. 

Other engineering inspections

Our building inspection Perth services include residential and commercial properties. Our experience span across various construction systems such as timber and steel framed houses, precast concrete, and modular timber framed houses. Some of the typical defects that we find include foundation cracks, retaining wall defects & failures, undermining issues during construction, cracks due to shrinkage or reactive soils. If you require a structural engineer inspection in Perth or the South West with requirements not described above, please contract us

Why choose RBC for your pre purchase building inspection in Perth?

  • Our inspections are conducted by a professional civil engineer

  • Professional indemnity insurance

  • Clear pre-purchase building inspection agreement listing inspection exclusions

  • Full inspection of safely accessible roof space

  • Full crawl of roof interior and subfloor (if applicable).

  • Time on site 2 to 3 hours

  • Report turnaround within 24 hours

  • Moisture meter as standard equipment

  • Thermal imaging available

  • Urgent service and attendance available

  • Members of the Institute of Engineers Australia

  • Ability to assist with future engineering details, approvals, renovations, Q&A and troubleshooting

  • Bookings 24 hours 7 days 

  • Independent building inspector Perth who can assist home buyers and property owners with renovation advice, home inspection services, building inspection Perth, structural engineer advice, cost effective structural pre-purchase inspections.

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