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Building inspections Perth - trees in close proximity to house and structural cracking in walls

During our building inspections in the Perth area, a common occurrence is the proximity of trees to building foundations. Trees in close proximity to foundations can have an adverse effect on the footings and cause structural cracking.

It is possible to install an engineered tree root barrier made from concrete or other impermeable materials such as a fibre cement sheet wrapped in plastic and inserted to a depth greater than the surface root system of the appropriate tree.

Together with an annual tree inspection, this approach will achieve a good balance between preserving the unique aesthetic & practical benefits from having the trees while ensuring that the home is not adversely affected.

As always, if you are purchasing a home in Perth, it is essential to undertake a pre purchase structural inspection to provide a written report and to determine if any structural issues are present. Our team is looking forward to assisting you with certified structural engineering details & structural building inspections in Perth & the South West.

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