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Pre purchase Building Inspection Perth
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Cost Effective Pre Purchase Building Inspection Reports and Timber Pest Inspections in Perth

Are you looking for a professional pre purchase building and pest inspection in Perth? In this section, we will provide some very useful information that may be beneficial in purchasing a home or an investment property. A pre purchase building inspection report is a very useful check that can save you a small fortune. This guide is intended to save you hidden costs and we hope that this article provides more clarity regarding some of the important considerations in addition to a pre purchase structural building inspection. So if you are considering purchasing a home in Perth, here are some important tips:


Obtain a pre purchase building inspection report

A quality pre purchase building inspection should focus around a comprehensive overview of the main building and related structures. The building inspection should always include an examination of the following features: the interior of the building, the roof space, the exterior of the building, the sub-floor space (if applicable), the roof exterior and ancillary structures such as sheds, carports, fences.

When it comes to pre purchase building inspections, our key service advantages include: 

  • each structural inspection is performed by a Structural Engineer or a registered builder; 

  • we are able to provide specific advice to remediate structural defects;

  • we can assess and certify unauthorised structures such as patios, sheds, retaining walls, home extensions and other residential ancillary structures; 

  • each pre purchase timber pest inspection is performed by a qualified inspector;

  • we use the latest technology which includes moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras;

  • site data is efficiently collected onsite using custom made software, allowing reports to be automatically generated to ensure accuracy and a quick result.


Consider if you need a structural engineer

If you are purchasing a home with the aim of carrying out renovations, a structural engineer can play a key role in providing technical guidance and certified engineering details. While RBC can assist with your pre purchase structural building & timber pest inspection report, if a structural issue(s) is found during our inspection, we can provide cost effective engineering advice to remediate structural defects. Should you plan on building an extension, removing load bearing walls, adding a swimming pool, carport, shed, retaining wall etc, you will require certified structural engineering drawings for your Council submission. Knowing the extent of the engineering requirements early on may assist with your budget and schedule so that you can plan the renovation work and enjoy your new home as early as possible.


Title Insurance

It is advised that you discuss with your settlement agent or property lawyer and fully understand what title insurance is and how it could protect you based on your specific purchase.


Unauthorised structures

If the property that you are about to purchase contains auxiliary structures such as a carport, swimming pool, retaining walls, screen walls, patio and sheds you should contact the local council or shire to check if these structures have been approved. If you are purchasing a home, obtaining copies of the site plan and existing architectural & structural drawings is a prudent step particularly if you are considering alterations or renovations at some point in the future. For more information, check out our article on Retrospective approvals for unauthorised building works.


Check for existing easements or caveats

It is very important to verify with the Seller that the property is free of easements or caveats. Reviewing the property title is a good initial check. If there are easements or caveats ensure that you obtain the referenced documents and that you understand very clearly if any limitations apply. For example, the presence of Water Corporation assets such as a storm-water pipe or a main sewer on the property may affect the future construction of structures such as the location of a new house, shed, garage, carport, swimming pool, or a retaining wall.


Wall, floor and/or other cracks

Spotting on floors and walls, or loose carpets and tiles can be an indication of water ingress. Cracks in the walls can be structural or non-structural. We have previously written an article on this topic titled Structural and non-structural cracks you might find in Perth -a home building inspection perspective which the reader may find very informative. Our understanding is that builders in Western Australia must provide a minimum of 6 years structural warranty. If you are purchasing a home older than 6 years, reliance upon a quality pre purchase building inspection report will be of a somewhat greater benefit.


Renovations and asbestos

In Western Australia, if you are buying a home that was constructed before 1990 and you plan on undertaking renovations, it is prudent that you ask that asbestos containing products be assessed as part of the pre purchase building inspection report. This relatively inexpensive check might influence your buying decision and especially your renovation budget if asbestos containing materials are to be removed. For more information, read our article on Buying a renovation project?


With older homes, you should expect more yearly maintenance and a good rule is to set aside 1 percent of the value of the home to spend on maintenance every year. For example, if the home is valued at around $500,000 you should allocate on average $5,000 on maintenance per year.


Pre-settlement inspection

After your pre purchase structural building and pest inspection is completed in Perth (and throughout WA) the buyer is entitled to a pre-settlement inspection. This typically occurs within 5 business days of when you take formal possession of the home. This final inspection allows you, the buyer, to inspect the property during to ensure that the condition of the property is very much the same as when the property was originally inspected prior to the offer being made.


During the pre-settlement inspection it may be found that appliances are not working. If a fixed appliance such as a heater, air-conditioning, range hood or similar isn’t working at the inspection, it is best to discuss with the agent to request it get fixed.


As a final note, ensure that before engaging a building inspector for your pre purchase building, structural and pest Inspection (Perth area) that you have reviewed the inspection agreement. This document is usually supplied with the quote and before the building inspector conducts the pre purchase structural building inspection and it should state very clearly the purpose, scope, acceptance criteria and a clear list of any exclusions which will not be included in the inspection and/or report.


If you have any questions about your planned pre purchase structural building and pest inspection in Perth, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and to obtain a free quote.

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