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Pre Purchase 
Structural and Timber Pest Inspection Perth

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Pre purchase Structural and Timber Pest Inspection Reports
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within within 20km North of Perth CBD.

Cost Effective Pre Purchase Structural and Timber Pest Inspection Reports Perth 

What is involved in a a pre purchase structural and timber pest inspection report in Perth?

A pre purchase structural inspection is an important step prior to purchasing a home or a residential investment property. A quality pre purchase structural and timber pest inspection will center around a comprehensive overview of the main building elements and related structures. At Rotaru Building Consultants, we can assist with structural inspections for residential and commercial buildings. The building inspection should always include an examination of the following features:   

  • The interior of the building. Some of the checks include assessing for cracks in the walls which may be hidden by wallpaper, checking walls and floors for dampness, confirming ceilings are clear of mould and a check of windows/blinds if they are are in working order;

  • The roof space. Some of the checks will look at the condition of timber members and roof trusses or rafters inside the attic, adequacy of tie-downs, electrical issues, insulation and signs of water damage;

  • The exterior of the building. Some of the checks involve exterior wall finishes, balconies, verandas, patios, decks, suspended concrete, floors, balustrades, walls, stairs and timber or steel frames;

  • The sub-floor space. Some of the checks involve timber floor supports, ventilation, drainage and damp.

  • The roof exterior. Some of the checks include skylights, guttering, down pipes, tiles, shingles and slates, sheet roofing, gables and roof flashing;

  • Ancillary structures such as sheds, carports, fences and retaining wall.

A typical pre-purchase structural inspection for residential buildings in Perth and throughout Australia must be conducted in accordance with the Australian Standard AS4349.1-2007.

Buying a home or an investment property close to water can bring an excellent return on investment. However, the enticing prospect of being close to the ocean also requires close scrutiny of an existing home or real-estate asset to ensure that there are no unidentified major structural defects.

During recent pre purchase and structural engineering inspections along Perth’s coastal and riverside suburbs, we have assisted with advice to address major structural defects often related to corrosion in reinforcement or structural steel elements.

If you are planning on buying or selling a home in Perth, our team can assist with a range of structural engineering services from structural inspections to retrospective engineering approval or structural engineering certification for renovations, additions or extensions.


For a quick turnaround with structural inspections and other related services, contact the team at Rotaru Building Consultants Perth today or visit our website for more information.


Whilst a close and careful scrutiny of a building is to be conducted, the inspection is visual in nature and does not involve destructive testing or dismantling. 

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why should I choose Rotaru Building Consultants to carry out the pre purchase building inspection in Perth?

At RBC Perth, we are proud to offer an extensive range of exceptional structural engineering services. Our expertise enables us to offer more than your standard pre purchase structural inspection service. 

A key point of difference is that we can provide a structural engineering assessment when we discover major structural defects such as cracking in house walls and floors, structural defects in the roof and make appropriate engineering recommendations to remediate such defects – no need to engage another building inspector and pay for a second inspection!

In event that there are known unauthorised structures on the property, such as retaining walls, patios, carports or sheds, we can undertake the necessary engineering assessment and assist with the retrospective structural engineering certification needed for Perth councils. 

If you are looking to purchase a property to renovate, we can also provide structural engineering advice regarding the existing load bearing walls that may be considered for removal. We can also assist with the structural engineering certification for such renovations.


Since every structural inspection and report is conducted by a structural engineer or registered builder we guarantee superior expertise and customer service when you work with RBC.


At Rotaru Building Consultants Perth we are experienced with building methods and structural inspections for a wide range of buildings from Georgian and Federation style homes to current modernist architecture.

More than a pre purchase structural inspection for Perth Homebuyers. 

We are proud to offer exceptional structural engineering services to homeowners and homebuyers and our costumer experience is at the forefront of our service offering. Our structural engineering expertise enables us to offer more than your standard pre-purchase structural or buildings inspection service. We can assist with various inspections such as roof structure inspections, structural inspections for cracking in house walls, retaining wall inspections, and structural inspections for retrospective council approvals for unauthorised structures such as patios, sheds and retaining walls.

Our team of professional structural engineers is uniquely qualified to assist with residential & commercial projects and can assist with renovation advice, removal of load bearing walls and provide guidance for remediation if major structural defects are identified during the structural inspection.

Book online and take advantage of this great offer on pre-purchase building and structural inspections until the end of September 2022 and visit our website for details.

2. How long does a typical building and pest inspection Perth take?

We recommend to our Clients to opt for a pre-purchase building inspection in conjunction with a timber pest inspection for complete peace of mind. This structural inspection takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete. Larger homes may require additional time on site.

3. Can you provide advice regarding the removal of load bearing walls in my home?

We certainly can provide advice on the removal of load bearing walls for properties in Perth and surrounding areas. The best approach is to undertake a structural inspection of the building to determine the options to re-distribute the load path. If you arrange a pre-purchase structural inspection or a pre-purchase building and pest inspection in the Perth Metro area, can can provide advice regarding removal of walls as part of our service for a small additional fee. Obtaining the original architectural drawings will be of significant benefit and result in lower cost for producing the structural engineering documentation later on. 

4. How can RBC as
sist with a retrospective Council approval for my patio, shed, carport, retaining wall, brick fence, swimming pool or similar structure?

Generally, for projects in Perth, in order to obtain a retrospective Building Approval Certificate, the Client will need to engage a Building Surveyor to issue a Certificate of Building Compliance. This document requires certified engineering documentation that for a structural engineer. We can also recommend and work with our associate Building Surveyor to speed up the submission of documentation. In most cases, a structural inspection is required to verify the structural condition of the structure. In some situations, modifications may be required subject to our site inspection in order for the structure to comply with the relevant Australian Standards. It is important to note that in some cases it may be required for the structure to be demolished if it does not comply with the Council planning regulations. 


5. Can you assist with a structural inspection for a retaining wall?

RBC Perth has significant structural engineering experience with all types of retaining walls including limestone retaining walls, brick with concrete filled cavity, panel and post, and concrete (Besser) block retaining walls. We can also provide certified structural engineering drawings for the Perth and South-West region that can be issued for construction and council approval. Architectural drawings including retaining wall elevations and plan views can be produced based on the levels on the site plan. 

Our considerable expertise regarding the structural engineering of retaining walls and failure analysis means we will ensure these structures are thoroughly assessed during our pre-purchase structural inspection as well. 

For a quick turnaround with structural inspections of a retaining wall and other related structural engineering services, contact the team at RBC Perth today.

6. What is the cost for a pre purchase building, structural and timber pest inspection report in Perth?

The cost will usually depend on the age, size and location of the property. Contact us via our website for a detailed site specific quotation for a pre-purchase structural and timber pest inspection. 

We currently have a special offer for pre purchase building and timber pest inspection report in Perth at a cost of $495 including GST (3 x 2 home within 30km from Perth CBD). 

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