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Perth Pre Purchase Structural and Timber Pest Inspection Report from $550*

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Building and structural inspections Perth

Every pre purchase structural inspection and report for a residential building is conducted in accordance with the Australian Standard AS4349.1-2007. This type of structural inspection aims to visually inspect the condition of the property and identify minor defects, major defects, major structural defects and items that may require maintenance. The cost of the inspection is minimal compared to the value it can provide to home buyers. The pre purchase building inspection report is a written account of the property’s condition. It will include any significant building defects or problems such as rising damp, movement in the walls (cracking), safety hazards or a structural concerns in the roof space. It is usually carried out before settlement so that the buyer can identify problems which, if left unchecked, could prove costly to repair. In addition to a building inspection report, we are able to also provide certified structural engineering advice on how to rectify structural defects throughout.  For more information refer to our ultimate guide to pre-purchase structural building inspections for the Perth homebuyer.

While a pre purchase structural inspection report offers some protection in the event that safety hazards, major defects or structural defects are identified, there is often a range of maintenance activities which are not covered by the standard REIWA Offer and Acceptance Contract, or defects that are outside the scope covered by AS4349.1 Pre-purchase inspections – Residential buildings. Examples include fencing that requires replacement, corrosion in non-structural building elements, fretting clay tiles, repointing of tiled roofs and non-structural but difficult to reach wall cracking requiring scaffolding.

We are proud to offer exceptional structural engineering services to homeowners and homebuyers and our costumer experience is at the forefront of our service offering. Our structural engineering expertise enables us to offer more than your standard pre-purchase structural or buildings inspection service. We can assist with various inspections such as roof structure inspections, structural inspections for cracking in house walls, retaining wall inspections, and structural inspections for retrospective council approvals for unauthorised structures such as patios, sheds and retaining walls.  


With our inspection services in Perth, a pre purchase structural inspection will focus on issues that may impact the structural integrity of the building such as the interior walls of the building, the roof space and frame; the exterior walls of the building, piers, columns, posts, and lintels. A pre purchase building inspection for Perth home buyers will concentrate on the structural integrity of the building and will also assess non-structural items such as paving grade, moisture testing of the walls adjacent to the showers, roof cover and all roof penetrations including gutter, downpipes and flashings lintels insulation, sarking and many other non-structural elements. This will provide the home buyer with a good understanding of the items that require maintenance to extend the durability of the non-structural elements. 

The average cost for a pre purchase building inspection report is $450 + GST and can vary depending on the scope of the building inspection, location, age of the building and size of the building. On average the time on site for a building and pest inspection is approximately 1 hour and we can complete the reports within 24 hours following the inspection. 

Dilapidation Inspections Perth

Is construction work likely to happen adjacent to your property? A Dilapidation inspection and survey report is highly recommended. For a quick turnaround with a dilapidation inspection, structural inspections and other related services, contact the team at Rotaru Building Consultants Perth today. The purpose of a dilapidation building inspection provides an accurate record of the condition of the existing surrounding buildings and structures. A dilapidation survey report will detail all features of interest that were deemed to be in some state of dilapidation at the time of the survey, showing an image of the defect and a description with the state/magnitude perceived by the inspector. This building inspection is particularity useful if construction activities will be undertaken on the adjacent properties. A dilapidation survey will record the condition of a property by visual means only and provide a document which could be used as a basis of assessment should it be alleged that work on the construction site at has caused damage to an adjacent property. 

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Retaining wall inspections Perth

If you have an existing retaining wall and you are planning alterations, extensions, new structures or you have concerns regarding the structural adequacy of the retaining wall we can undertake a structural inspection. We have extensive expertise in the design and failure analysis for all types of retaining wall including limestone retaining walls, concrete panel and post retaining walls, brick retaining walls and concrete cantilever retaining walls. Check out our blog article on Perth retaining wall inspection, design guidance, structural engineering details & construction. Following our structural inspection, we can provide recommendations to remediate the structure, if required. In most situations, as an option, we can also produce the architectural drawings such as elevation(s) and plan view for the proposed retaining wall or swimming pool as part of our engineering certification, suitable for Council submission.

Looking for a structural engineer to inspect an existing retaining wall in Perth? Need a report for council approval? We can also provide certified structural engineering drawings and undertake retrospective approvals for projects in Perth that can be issued for council approval.

For a quick turnaround with structural inspections and other related services, contact the team at Rotaru Building Consultants today.

Pre purchase building inspections Perth

The decision to buy a home or an investment property is a major financial undertaking and you should consider a pre-purchase building inspection report before signing a contract for the purchase. This decision should be supported by knowledge of the physical state of the property so that you can avoid substantial hidden costs post-purchase. Knowing the condition of the property will enable a buyer to identify the major structural defects or items that require maintenance and to make a better informed decision as to whether to proceed with the purchase. At Rotaru Building Consultants Perth, we are proud to offer exceptional structural engineering services. Our expertise enables us to offer more than your standard pre-purchase structural inspection service.

Do you need a pre purchase building inspector in Perth? Our team at Rotaru Building Consultants in Perth is qualified and experienced to help with pre purchase building inspections, roof inspections, retaining wall inspections, structural reports, structural engineering, renovation advice and structural certifications.

Our building inspection format is very easy to read and clear when reporting on defects identified during a pre purchase building inspection. Building inspection defects are classified as minor defects, major defects, major structural defects and items that may require maintenance are also highlighted. 

So, what actually constitutes a major structural defect? We can define a major structural defect as a defect of sufficient magnitude where rectification must be carried out in order to avoid unsafe conditions, loss of utility or further deterioration of the property

All our pre purchase building inspections in Perth are conducted by a registered builder or a structural engineer. The cost for building inspection report for an average Perth home is approximate $495 including GST. Visit our website to download a sample pre purchase building and pest inspection report.

For a quick turnaround with a building inspection in Perth and other related services, contact the team at Rotaru Building Consultants Perth today or visit our website for more information. 

Backyard Patio

Structural inspection and certification for unauthorised structures (for retrospective approval)

If a particular structure such as a patio, retaining wall or shed has been constructed without the necessary approval from your Perth Local Authority, we can inspect and determine the structural integrity of the structure and provide you with certified engineering documentation so that approval is granted by the Local Authority. If it is determined that remedial work is needed our experienced professional structural engineers can provide advice so that Local Authority requirements are satisfied. 

Our team can assist with the retrospective approval process and quite often attend a short notice for properties in the Perth Metro Area. In most cases, the best approach is to undertake a detailed structural inspection which will enable us to ascertain the condition of the existing structure and provide engineering certification for the existing structure or building.


Contact Rotaru Building Consultants in Perth to discuss your specific requirements and to obtain a quote for the site structural inspection. Our fee will generally include an allowance for structural analysis, calculations, as-constructed documentation or report and Chartered Engineer Certification and, if required, engineering drafting and calculations report to support structural certification.


For a quick turnaround with structural inspections and other related services, contact the team at Rotaru Building Consultants Perth today.

Cracking in house walls & concrete floors - structural engineering inspection Perth

If you are concerned about cracking in walls or floors, it is recommended that a professional structural engineer is appointed to carry out a structural investigation and to provide a structural assessment report. Our team can assist with structural engineering inspections throughout the Perth Metropolitan Area. 


Our structural inspections aim to determine the cause of the cracking and if the cracks are structural or non-structural. Our engineers will also provide guidance for remediation works and general repairs. If the structural engineer can establish that the cracking is non-structural, recommendations for site specific maintenance may assist in reducing the incidence of future cracking in walls. For a quick turnaround with structural inspections and other related services, contact the team at RBC Perth today.

Renovated Office

Why choose RBC Perth to assist with the pre purchase structural building inspection?

  • Our structural inspections in Perth are conducted by a registered builder or a structural engineer

  • Clear pre-purchase building inspection agreement listing inspection exclusions

  • Full inspection of safely accessible roof space

  • Specialist advice regarding retaining wall structural adequacy and assessment of cracking in wall and floors

  • Fast report turnaround generally within 24 to 48 hours

  • Moisture meter as standard equipment

  • Urgent service and attendance available for structural inspections within 30km from Perth CBD

  • Members of the Institute of Engineers Australia

  • Ability to assist with future engineering details, approvals, renovations, Q&A and troubleshooting

  • Booking a structural inspection online via our website 24 hours 7 days 

  • Site data is efficiently collected onsite using custom made software, allowing reports to be automatically generated using our in-house technology to ensure accuracy and a quick result

  • Independent building inspector for Perth and the South West who can assist home buyers and property owners with renovation advice, home inspection services, building inspections in Perth and the South West, structural engineer advice and cost effective structural pre-purchase home inspections.

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