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Dilapidation inspection and survey report Perth – residential demolition, construction and building

A Dilapidation Survey Report in Perth is a special purpose building inspection report undertaken to record the condition visual means, and to provide a report prior to undertaking the construction activities at an adjacent site.

A dilapidation survey report will detail all features of interest that were deemed to be in some state of dilapidation at the time of the survey, showing an image of the defect and a description with the state/magnitude perceived by the inspector using the following category system and terms:

Cracking of Building Elements:

Impact Category

Description of typical defect to walls

Approximate crack width limit


Hairline crack, cosmetic surface crack, lifting paint.

< 0.1 mm


Fine crack in concrete/brick or separation of bricks from mortar.

0.1mm to 1.0 mm


Large. Spalling of brick or concrete surface.

1 mm to 5 mm or multiple cracks 0.1 mm to 1.0 mm


Very large crack. Chipping or flaking of bricks or concrete.

5mmto15mmor multiple cracks 1mm to 5mm


Window or door frames distort. Walls lean or bulge slightly

15mm to 25mm


Loose and/or missing bricks, buckling and bulging noticeably.

> 25mm

Good - The item or area inspected appears to be in sound condition without any significant visible defects. It can be assumed that all areas not featured in this written reportare in this state.

Fair - The item or area inspected exhibits some minor defects, minor damage, deterioration in form of rusting, water damage, aging, wear & tear, warping, twisting and generally not at its originally intended condition, and may require some repairs or maintenance to prevent further deterioration. There were no significant items or problems that were not consistent with dwellings of similar age or construction.

Poor - The item or area inspected may be in a badly neglected state of disrepair, finished in an un-tradesman like manner or deteriorated due to age or lack of maintenance. There may be defects requiring substantial repair or remedial work.

Generally, minor cracking will occur in a significant proportion of buildings. Important parameters are the crack width, crack depth and deviation from verticality in the walls. These paraments should be monitored over time where there is an area of concern.

Is construction work likely to happen on the neighboring Perth property? A Dilapidation inspection and survey report is highly recommended. For a quick turnaround with a dilapidation inspection, structural inspections and other related services, contact the team at Rotaru Building Consultants Perth today.

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