Perth retaining wall inspection, design guidance, structural engineering details & construction

Retaining walls are commonly used in Perth particularly on residential subdivisions and land development. If the construction is undertaken in accordance with the certified structural engineering documentation, there will be no issues with the performance or durability of the retaining wall. However, if even minor structural engineering details are omitted during construction it can lead to costly rectification works.

Visible leaning, cracking, movement or bulging in a retaining wall can indicate early signs of serviceability or structural failure. If the retaining wall is supporting additional structures such as a house, the consequences of structural failure can be significant. If you are concerned about leaning or cracks in a retaining wall, you should engage a professional structural engineer to inspect and to provide a written report in relation to its structural adequacy (for Perth Area projects we can provide a retaining wall inspection report within 3 business days following our site visit). As an example, common modes of failure for cantilever pole retaining walls (such as concrete panel and post) are as follows: