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How we focus on cost effective pre purchase and structural building inspection Perth service

Since our inception, RBC has maintained a continued focus on cost effective building inspection services. Our structural and civil engineering team has a broad experience in the Perth residential engineering market. The following are some of the ways that our residential structural engineer Perth team can add value to your project:

  • We use cloud computing which means that our software and real-time reporting can be undertaken from any location with an internet connection;

  • Some of our equipment used during inspections include state of the art thermal imaging cameras, drones for building inspections in Perth that involve tall structures, moisture meters and ultrasonic testing equipment;

  • We collaborate with industry leading partners which can provide prompt construction, renovation services as well as specialized engineering services;

  • Perhaps the most valuable way that results in cost effective engineering solutions is our relentless focus on the customer experience and taking advantage of technology that ultimately benefits our Clients.

If you have any queries regarding a structural or civil engineering project, building inspection service in Perth or the South West, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and to obtain a same day quote (blog image courtesy of

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