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Pre purchase structural & building inspections - cost of hidden issues and structural defects

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

A recent article published by PerthNow titled Renovation dream uncovers a hidden nightmare for Perth family (accessed on 12 Feb 2019) highlighted yet another example of signification structural defects and issues uncovered in a Perth home during renovations. A pre purchase structural inspection report was obtained by the buyers but if the issues are hidden, a visual inspection will not guarantee that all structural defects are identified.

The takeaway message after reading this article include the following valuable tips:

  1. Title Insurance - discuss with your settlement agent or property lawyer and fully understand what title insurance is and how it could protect you based on your specific purchase;

  2. Unauthorised structures - if the property in questions contains a number of auxiliary structures such as a carport, swimming pool, retaining walls, screen walls, patio and sheds you should contact the local council or shire to check if theses structures have been approved. If you are purchasing a home, obtaining copies of the site plan and existing architectural & structural drawings is a prudent step particularly if you are considering alterations or renovations at some point in the future;

  3. Obtain a structural inspection report - if possible, a building inspection report should be obtained before making an offer to purchase a property. However, this approach isn't always practical. It is critical that the pre-purchase building inspection condition report should state that if the report identified major defects, the seller should be given the option to rectify the problems within a clear time frame. In the event that the seller refuses to undertake the remediation work, the buyer should have the option of terminating the contract which should always be done in writing.

If you have any questions regarding this article or queries regarding a building inspection, structural engineering project, pre purchase building inspection services in Perth or the South West, get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements and to obtain a quote.

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