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Pre purchase building inspections in Perth - case study on structural defects in timber roof frame

In this case study, our structural engineering team in Perth conducted a pre purchase building inspection and identified a number of issues in the roof space.

The Problem:

The pre purchase building inspection identified a large number of defects in the construction of the timber roof frame which included inadequate fixings and connections. In this particular case due to the large number of minor defects, it was likely that the roof was not going to withstand a high wind event.

The Solution:

The only solution in this case was to engage a qualified roof carpenter to rectify the structural defects in accordance with the Australian Standard 1684 - Residential timber frame construction. This work was completed before settlement. In general we would recommend to have a followup structural inspection to ensure that all the defects have been rectified.

If you have any questions about pre purchase structural building and pest inspections in Perth, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and to obtain a free quote.

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