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Structural inspection of buildings in Perth provide home buyers with cost certainty about defect

Home buyers are reliant upon a building inspector to produce a quality and cost effective pre purchase structural building & pest inspection report. This provides home buyers with a level of certainty that the home is free of major structural defects thus limiting unexpected surprises.

Recent media coverage in Perth over the Easter week-end, described yet another example of a Perth home which lost it's roof during a storm (Perth homes damaged, power cut as severe cold front tears across south-west WA.) A relatively new home should not experience such a disaster.

Alkimos home loses roof during storm (courtesy of ABC Media)

Our article on Uncovering structural defects in your home. Why you need a pre purchase building inspection in Perth described some of our observations with inspecting roofs in the Perth Area. A number of minor defects for a roof such as the one featured in our article would be very concerning. A structural engineer experienced in residential engineering is trained to spot the minor issues and provide advice to remediate them. In the Alkimos case, the wind event was approximately 66 percent of the ultimate design capacity, so this issues should never have happend if the fixings, tiedows and connections were adequate.

If you have any queries regarding this article or you would like to undertake a pre purchase building inspection in Perth or the South West, get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements and to obtain a quote.

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