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Complete range of residential structural engineering and pre purchase building, structural and pest inspection services in the Perth Metro Area and the South West.


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Rotaru Building Consultants (RBC) provide a complete range of civil & structural engineering, construction supervision and project management solutions to the residential industry in Perth.

Our mission is to provide exceptional building consulting services, cost effective solutions together with an excellent customer experience.

Our team of specialists includes Chartered Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers and Geotechnical Engineers specialising in the residential market in Perth, Western Australia. Our services range from compaction testing to cost effective pre purchase structural inspection reports in Perth to multi-unit engineering documentation. Working with our partner networks, we can ensure that your project is successfully completed.  

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Our Expertise 

We come up with innovative cost effective engineering solutions for the residential Perth market.

Some of our services include:

  • Civil and structural engineering design

  • Design solutions using SIPS (structural insulated panel systems)

  • Traditional design using masonry, timber and brick veneer

  • Retrospective approvals for unauthorised structures such as retaining walls, patios and sheds

  • Site inspection and classification

  • Structural systems optimisation

  • Constructability review and value for money assessment

  • Site Classifications

  • Piling design (such as concrete CFA  piles and screw piles)

  • Cost Effective Pre-purchase structural inspection reports

  • Structural inspection - residential and commercial structures

  • Retaining wall structural engineering design and inspection

  • Concrete reinforced swimming pool structural engineering design

  • Ancillary Structures (screen walls, patios, carports, gazebos, shade sails)

  • Compaction test certificate with a Perth Sand Penetrometer

  • Residential structural engineering certifications

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some examples of engineering services that you offer at Rotaru Building Consultants (RBC)?


We specialise in providing engineering design and documentation to the residential buildings and ancillary structures. Examples of services include compaction testing and certificate using the Perth Sand Penetrometer, foundation and pile engineering, concrete swimming pools, structural inspections, pre purchase building & pest inspections throughout Perth. We also provide certified engineering plans in Perth, Melbourne & Sydney. 


2. Why should I choose RBC to undertake the pre purchase structural inspection report in Perth?


If you are looking for cost effective structural inspections and engineering advice, our team has the experience and expertise. Every structural inspection and reporting is undertaken by a qualified professional engineer with adequate insurance and extensive experience in the Perth Residential Industry. The pest inspection is undertaken by a Specialist Timber Pest Inspector. We guarantee superior expertise and customer service. 



3. How long does a typical pre-purchase building inspection take?


We recommend to our Clients to opt for the comprehensive pre-purchase building inspections for complete peace of mind. This building inspection takes approximately two hours to complete.



4. Can you provide advice regarding the removal of load bearing walls?


We certainly can provide advice on the removal of load bearing walls. The best approach is to undertake a structural inspection to determine the options to re-distribute the load path. If you arrange a pre-purchase structural inspection or a pre purchase building and pest inspection in the Perth Metro area, can can provide advice regarding removal of walls at a reduced cost. 



5. What is a retrospective building approval?



A Building Approval Certificate can be applied for to retrospectively approve of an unauthorised structure or work after the building is completed. This includes minor structures such as patios, sheds, fences, retaining walls, swimming pools and spas.  



6. How can RBC assist with a retrospective building approval?


Generally, in order to obtain a retrospective Building Approval Certificate the Client will need to engage a Building Surveyor to issue a Certificate of Building Compliance. This document requires certified engineering documentation that RBC can provide. We can also recommend and work with our associate Building Surveyor to speed up the submission of documentation. It is important to note that a pre purchase building and pest inspection in Perth will not always identify unauthorized structures. 

7. What does a heritage consultant do?

A heritage consultant undertakes structural and civil inspections, assessments, reviews and reporting for heritage significant sites such as buildings, roads and bridges.

8. How can I verify that the engineer is qualified and registered?

The National Engineering Register (NER) has been created by Engineers Australia to provide a means of presenting registered engineers and their services to the public. It also provides assurance to consumers that engineers engaged from the NER meet the high standards of professionalism expected in the engineering profession. The NER is available to allow consumers to search for a qualified engineering practitioner by name, area of practice and geographic location.

9. Do you provide engineering and inspection services in the South West?

Yes, at RBC we provide engineering and pre purchase building and pest inspection services in Perth as well as the South West including Bunbury, Busselton, Augusta-Margaret River, Boyup Brook, Bridgetown-Greenbushes, Capel, Collie, Dardanup, Donnybrook-Balingup, Harvey, Manjimup and Nannup. We have a pre-purchase building inspector in Perth and a pre-purchase building inspector in Bunbury. Other services that we can assist with include Perth building inspections and pre purchase structural building inspection Perth.

10. What is the cost for a pre purchase building structural and pest inspection report in Perth?

The cost will usually depend on the age, size and location of the property. Visit our Book Online page for standard inspection costs. 

Are you considering a cost effective pre purchase structural building inspection report in Perth?

Buying a property in Perth is a major financial undertaking and you should consider a professional pre purchase building and pest inspection before signing a contract for the purchase. This important decision should be supported by knowledge of the physical state of the property so that you can avoid substantial hidden costs. There are calls in the WA industry to introduce compulsory building inspections during construction to endure the quality of homes. Until then, obtaining a pre purchase building inspection Perth report will enable the buyer to make a better informed decision as to whether to proceed with the purchase. Is a pre purchase structural inspection report compulsory in Perth? The answer is no. Current legislation in Australia does not include a provision for home buyers to obtain a building inspection report.

The pre-purchase building and pest inspection and reporting is to be undertaken by a qualified inspector with appropriate professional indemnity insurance. It is essential that the inspector engaged can provide independent and objective advice to the buyer with no bias or conflict of interest. Our structural engineering building condition inspections, assessments of existing buildings and pre-purchase building inspections are conducted by our licensed professional structural engineers to ensure their structural integrity has not been compromised. If the property contains a swimming pool, it is important to arrange for a pre purchase building and pest inspection combined with a pool inspection. The owner of the swimming pools has a legal obligation to ensure that effective operation of the swimming pool and spa safety barriers is maintained. Gates are to remain closed at all times except when accessing the swimming pool.

To conduct a pre purchase structural building inspection of an existing home in Perth, one of our chartered professional structural engineers will visit the buildings and carry out, with due diligence, visual inspections of:


  • visual inspection to identify types of structural defects and evidence of material deterioration;

  • additions, extensions or other structures that appear to be unauthorised; and

  • non-structural components that might affect structural systems.


If signs of structural deterioration or defects are present, our chartered professional engineer provide opinions on the severity of the deterioration or defects and recommend appropriate actions to be taken. This might involve repair works or full structural investigation to parts of building. If there are signs of structural inadequacy and their causes are not apparent, a structural analyses should be performed to determine if the original structural design was adequate.


A qualified professional engineer will quantify observed structural deterioration or defects and analyse their potential impact on structures, as well as provide engineering opinions on the potential impacts of the deterioration or defects. 


A typical pre purchase structural building inspection Perth will result in a building inspection report  which will include a specific observations, safety concerns and may contain advice on remedial work.

A typical pre-purchase building inspection for residential buildings in Perth must be conducted in accordance with the Australian Standard AS4349.1-2007. Whilst a close and careful scrutiny of a house building inspection is to be conducted, the inspection is visual in nature and does not involve destructive testing or dismantling.

When it comes to pre-purchase structural and pest inspections, our key service advantages include: 

  • each structural inspection is performed by a Chartered Professional Engineer or a Registered Builder; 

  • we are able to provide competent advice to remediate structural defects;

  • we can assess and certify unauthorised structures such as patios, sheds, retaining walls, home extensions and other residential ancillary structures; 

  • each pre-purchase timber pest inspection is performed by a qualified inspector;

  • we use the latest technology which includes moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras;

  • site data is efficiently collected onsite using custom made software, allowing reports to be automatically generated to ensure accuracy and a quick result.

Depending on the property there are other inspections for additional cost which should be considered such as pest inspection, compliance inspection, electrical installation, Perth building construction inspection, building and pest inspection and specialist inspections such as swimming pool inspection, plumbing, hydraulics, mechanical services and geotechnical.

For further technical information information check out our blog which contains many informative articles such as:

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