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Structural Inspections 

Structural Inspections and  Reports for Perth and the South West

A structural inspection involves the visual assessment of accessible areas of a structure to determine the structural adequacy of an existing structure and to identify major defects to the building or structure.


We conduct structural inspections for  residential and commercial buildings and offer advice regarding structural construction, diagnosis and remediation solutions


Cracking in house walls & concrete floors - structural engineering inspection Perth

If you are concerned about cracking in walls or floors, it is recommended that a professional structural engineer is appointed to carry out a structural investigation and to provide a structural assessment report. Our team can assist with structural engineering inspections throughout the Perth Metropolitan Area. 


Our structural inspections aim to determine the cause of the cracking and if the cracks are structural or non-structural. Our engineers will also provide guidance for remediation works and general repairs. If the structural engineer can establish that the cracking is non-structural, recommendations for site specific maintenance may assist in reducing the incidence of future cracking in walls. For a quick turnaround with structural inspections and other related services, contact the team at RBC Perth today.

Site inspection and compaction testing using a Perth Sand Penetrometer (PSP)

Before constructing a new structures such as a retaining wall, swimming pool, shed or pouring a slab or a foundation, achieving adequate compaction is very important. We can inspect the site preparation and verify the compaction with a Perth Sand Penetrometer (PSP) and issue a compaction test certificate within 24 hours. Compaction testing will be undertaken in accordance with AS1289 and PSP provides a reliable method for testing the compaction of soil for residential foundations.

Compaction testing is an essential check to ensure that a building or structure will perform adequately with minimal settlement and cracking. As chartered professional engineers, we can assist with compaction testing and provide a compaction test certificate from $198*

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